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This is where I share and tell my stories as I live and experience them on the open road on two wheels.

“If you don’t ride ....then you don’t know”

If you want to know what it’s like to ride a motorcycle and experience life from the open road as it comes at you full speed .... you may gain some insight from reading my personal experiences and revelations about riding from my Road Trip Journals…. if not ... just scroll through and look at the pictures :-)

I hope you enjoy it ... and I look forward to meeting you ... on the Open Road of course ....

My Current Ride ... 129,265 miles
2013 Alizarin Red Level 3 Honda Goldwing
My old 2004 Black Honda Goldwing. (Highway 36 - Northern California)
Bought new March 14’ 2004 - Traded in August 28’ 2013
Final Mileage: 278,400

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March 29 ‘ 2011 - Picked up my new 2011 Suzuki Black 650A V-Strom. Now the mileage will have to be shared between the two.
2011 Black Suzuki V-Strom 650A
Bought new March 29’ 2011
Current Mileage: 25,146

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