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Part 2

Saturday - July 28’ 2012

… and roll west I did following highway 2 to get over into Washington State. There aren’t a whole lot main east/west road to choose from and roads in these parts of the country don’t run in straight line so much. Which can be a good thing provided you’re not in a hurry and believe me I was in no hurry. Up and down like a yoyo highway 2 meandered west out of Montana into and through Idaho.

Rolling out of Kalispell on highway 2 … it looked to be another nice day.

Since my pace had slowed now that I had made the hook up with Jim and Candi I was finally ready to test my mettle again by perhaps camping tonight. This would be the perfect day to give it a shot since I wasn’t planning to make it all the way over to Tumwater, Washington in one days ride from where I was at and that was the location of my next stop to see some friends. As many of you know I’m not a camper but I’m trying to become one due to the high cost of staying in a motel every night while on the road.

I mulled over the idea of camping the coming night as I slowly edged west. I have to admit I was less than excited about it even though the conditions were perfect. I was too use to riding like crazy all day and then collapsing in big pile of exhaustion with the A/C on in a motel bed after a shower and good meal. Camping takes energy and I had little at the end of most days ride. This called for a new approach.

The best thing to do I figured was to start looking earlier in the afternoon for a camping site and allowing myself plenty of time to establish my camp site and to feel comfortable doing it. Believe me I need the practice. The last time I camped last year on a trip in Moab, Utah I wasn’t even able to get the Fly piece of the tent installed on the tent correctly. Don’t laugh but it’s true. Pathetic! I was determined to do better this time.

I picked up highway 20 right as I entered Washington State. I had traversed this way before and used highway 2 to get across the state but this time based on my friend, David’s, recommendation I wanted to take highway 20 all the way across.

I pushed along 20 until I got to Kettle Falls, Washington and the Roosevelt Lake recreational area. Very beautiful area
I rolled into the camp site there and picked out the best site I can find. I don’t know why but I’m never the guy that gets the good camping spot right by the lake with the great view. Not sure who gets those … probably professional campers that know what they are doing. I did find a nice one that was a little away from most of the other campers and pulled in to begin setup. Ha … I have to admit I was a little self conscious about looking stupid trying to get the tent setup so was glad I was away from most people view during this effort.

As it turns out I got it set up just fine by taking my time and actually reading the instructions. I even got the fly on correctly. I did put it a little close to the picnic table but overall once I was finished it was good … $10 was the cost of the camping site …. nice and cheap. I figured the other $90 I saved could go for gas :-)
Since I wasn’t cooking per se I did have some dehydrated food I had bought and figured I could at least boil water and eat that which I did. No showers at this particular location which wasn’t good but the bathrooms were nice and I’m not averse to taking a bird bath once in a while. As the day winded down and the sun set I walked along the river and it was a very peaceful setting.
Since I had done everything better this time I was actually able to sleep pretty much pretty good throughout the night and by morning it was time to pack up and hit the road again. Here are a few other pics I took along the route today.

Sunday - July 29’ 2012

I was up early this day … as it appears that when you camp there is plenty of noise in the mornings to get you up as well. Not to mention a few campers I swear never went to sleep that night. Just like a motel room … you never know if your neighbor is going to be a noisy one or not. Over all is was a good experience and I was feeling pretty proud of myself as I rolled out of there having only spent $ 10 dollars for my own lodging. Having got my feet wet sort of speaking I was now confident I would be able to spend additional nights camping on this road trip without much issue and it was only going to get better and easier the more I did it.

I knew as I rolled down the highway today the odometer on my 2004 Goldwing would be clicking over a major milestone sometime today. I was rapidly approaching the 1/4 of a million mile mark and I didn’t want to miss it. As the 999 rolled across the scratched screen I pulled over just has the odometer clicked over to 250,000 miles. I tried several angles to get a good picture of the odometer but I just couldn’t . All those years and miles had taken it’s toll with numerous scratches making it difficult to see so you’ll have to take my word for it or talk to someone who knows me and can verify. It’s been an amazing 8 1/2 years since I picked up this bike brand new with zero miles on the odometer and now here I sit with a 1/4 of a million miles ridden … on this bike alone …. Pretty amazing … how far would it go???

To answer that question … I did some more riding to find out. I continued on down highway 20 and found it to be an awesome road and very Glacier like as you can see from some of these pictures along the route.
Diabio Lake ….along Highway 20 in Washington State

It wasn’t long before I finally popped out around Interstate 5 and began heading south with the rest of the herd and rolled in to my friend David and Pat’s place in Tumwater, Washington around 5:00 p.m

What a warm welcome I got from Dave and Pat. Only had corespondent with Dave via email a few times but they were familiar with my riding and blog and graciously welcomed me into their home and I’m resting here tonight. Tomorrow Dave is going to show we around the area with his 2008 Wing.

Monday - July 30’ 2012

After camping the previous night the soft bed and warm hospitality at Dave and Pat’s house in Tumwater, Washington was more than enough to soothe a weary rider. It was just what the doctor ordered. Dave and Pat have travelled and camped on their Wing on many trips as well and we shared stories of those trips and many other topics well into the evening. Since they know what’s it’s like to be on the road they know exactly how to make a person feel really special. I have never felt more welcomed and at home as I did during this visit and I certainly appreciate that very much. It’s been said that people will never remember what you say or do but they will always remember how you made them feel and Dave and Pat made me feel very very good and extremely welcomed. I will always remember that!

As if that wasn’t enough Dave and I went for a ride today over to the coast so he could show me around the area some. We headed out to the coast and the little town of Westport and Gray’s Harbor. Little fishing town right on the coast. We walked around some and took a few pictures
Memorial to those Lost At Sea

As you can see the sky was just a little overcast but we didn’t get any rain. We rode out from Tumwater on Highway 8 and 12 and after Westport we stopped in Raymond to enjoy a nice snack of Smoked Salmon, cheese and crackers that Dave had prepared (Ok … Pat prepared it but Dave smoked the salmon). Extremely tasty and the perfect treat to take out on a ride on the Wing. Did I mentioned Pat’s Chocolate Zucchini … a first for me … delicious. These guys know how to cook. I told them if they keep treating me this well … I’d never leave :-)
The view in Raymond from where we stopped for lunch.
We then headed down highway 105 right along the coast and eventually highway 6 and back to Tumwater. It was a good ride and it was great to just follow behind someone else for a change that knew where they were going.

Will spend another night here in Tumwater, Wa tonight and head out tomorrow. I plan to do some riding around the area here one more day hoping that Jim and Candi will be dropping back down into the US from Canada tomorrow evening or Wednesday and we might hook up again and ride Mt. Rainer together.
Dave, Pat and me at their home in Tumwater, Washington
Such a warm fuzzy feeling inside to know that you have just met and made two new friends … life is good!

Tuesday - July 31’ 2012

I rode away from Dave and Pat’s place in Tumwater, Washington late morning today with a very special feeling inside of me. It’s not often you meet folks that have such a love of life and can open their hearts so wide and freely to others. There was no way I could repay them for their hospitality so as we said our good bye’s I told them they would always be welcomed at my house in Tennessee and that I would pay their kindness forward to others I met. With a wave I was off towards Mt. Rainer under unusually blue skies all around. That is something you don’t see to often in this part of the country that is prone to overcast and dreary days.

Even thought I had 3/4 full tank of gas just prior to heading up toward Mt. Rainer along highway 12, 7 then 706 into the Mt. Rainer Nisqually Park entrance I stopped and filled it anyway. There is just something about going into an excellent riding zone in a remote location and having a full tank of gas to waste without a worry as to where the next gas station was at. I was quickly up and on to highway 706 and approaching the Park entrance when the most unusual thing happened to me involving a deer.

A deer is a motorcyclist worst nightmare and I often wonder how I have gone so long and so many miles without hitting one. The closest I ever came was a road trip with the wife on the Wing back a few years in Arkansas. I was able to brake and barely miss him then but the event left both my wife and I severely shaken. In fact it took 15 minutes for my legs to stop shaking after that close encounter. The next closes experience I’ve had to hitting a deer was this morning.

I was about 5 miles from the park entrance going about 40 mph and suddenly out of seemly nowhere my eyes caught focus on him on my right side heading across the road right in front of me. He was already on the white line along the side of the road that marks the shoulder of the road in my lane and heading into my path. Just then he looked straight at me and I at him. There was no time to react if he had kept coming we were going to kiss and it wasn’t going to be pretty. Then the most amazing thing happen … as he looked toward me he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks and actually began backing up. At that same instant I cruised by our projected impact point unscathed and deeply relieved. I couldn’t believe it. It was like watching a video and someone had just hit the rewind button. One-second he was moving forward into my path then the next second he had stopped and was backing up a couple of steps. I have never seen a deer do that. Usually when they commit they go but this one didn’t … thank God. The next few minutes were spent trying to unravel the mystery of why I hadn’t smashed into that deer. I though about it a lot and then I let it go. All I can figure is that this just wasn’t my time. I better than anybody know that’s it’s dangerous out here but dwelling on it wasn’t going to change that so … back to living in the moment … which it appeared I still had a few more of … thankfully.

After entering the park I slowly started my accent up to the Paradise visitors center. Again … unbelievable beauty …
However, I was less than impressed with highway 706 up to paradise visitors center. The road was uneven, had divots and huge bumps at intervals that made relaxing hard to do as you had to really keep your eyes on the road. Also much constructing going on so plan for delays. Thankfully vistas like these made it worth while anyway
As the lunch hour approached and my stomach roared I remembered that Dave and Pat had packed some smoke salmon and chocolate zucchini so I found the perfect spot to enjoy that fine meal. (Thanks Dave and Pat) This is what I was looking at while I had lunch … Mt. Rainer herself in all her glory. Now that’s a picnic spot!
As the afternoon sun took up its usual position in the sky I continued on and eventually came out on to highway 123 and turned south to catch 12 back to the east. I was planning to follow that until it hit 405 and then swing back in towards the Puget Sound area again to hopefully hook up with Jim and Candi coming out of Canada. As I approached White Pass along highway 12 I stopped at the summit to once again top off the tank. Little did I know at that point I was about to get my chance to pay the hospitality Dave and Pat had shown me forward to another complete stranger.

Since it was and old gas station pump I had to go inside to give the cashier my card and tell her to turn the pump on. As I was standing there waiting there was a Truck driver there on the phone trying to get some one to come up from the town of Yakima (50 miles ahead) to fix his Semi Truck that had blown a coolant hose stranding him on the pass. He was obviously distraut and who ever was on the other end of the phone was not sympathetic to the guys plight at all and the guy hung the phone up and shook his head saying that the place on the other end refused to come up and help fix his truck. I guess there wasn’t much of a profit in doing so. Anyway he left and walked back to his truck across the highway and I returned to my bike preparing to leave. The other patrons were discussing it but beyond that no one was apparently available to help this guy out.

I though for a second and wondered if it would be possible for him to fix the truck himself if somehow he could get his hands on a replacement hose. About that time he comes walking back pass me going back into the gas station again and I stopped him and asked him exactly what kind of problem he was having and if I would be willing to ride the 50 miles to Yakima, find him the part and bring it back could he fix it so that he could at least get down off the pass and into town to get a more permanent repair. He said he could and I said I would be more than happy to go get the part he needed in Yakima and bring it back up here to him.

He immediately looked up and said “God is Great” I said what he said and then we both smiled. With the busted hose packed in the Wing I was off down the mountain to find him the part. It was about 3:30 pm. and Yakima was 50 miles away. That was a good ride and turns out there was also up to a 45 minute road construction delay between the pass and Yakima which added to the time.
Long story short I got into Yakima and after searching couple of Semi Truck parts stores I found the part and off back up the mountain to make the delivery. I arrived back to White Pass about 7:00 p.m and delivered the part. He was one happy guy. His name was Shawn. Here’s a pick of Shawn with the old hose and the new one I delivered.
He was one happy guy … and I made that happen. Ok … Dave and Pat … that one was for you :-)

I told Shawn he had to pay it forward and he promised me he would help someone else out the first chance he got.

With my good deed done for the day and it now being much later than I had planned I decided to head back to Yakima and spend the night there. Jim and Candi I found out won’t be ready to hit the US until Thursday now. Here are some more great pics from today’s ride
Wow … can’t believe this weather … but I do deserve it after last years wettest road trip ever :-)
One slip from here and my riding days would be over pretty quick … long way down

And finally … I experienced the second installment of the world’s dumbest move by a Cage driver today.

While heading on a long straightway back up toward White Pass after getting that part I look up and there’s a van in my lane coming straight towards me trying to pass a couple of slow moving cars and a motorcycle. I flashed my lights several time and he keeps coming. Guess he figured I’d get out of his way. Finally, I had to move over along the white striped line along the shoulder to give him enough room to complete his pass. I wasn’t really in danger of being run off the road but I certainly didn’t have access to my lane anymore because of this idiot. As he passed I gave him the 1 finger salute and merged back into my lane shaking my head. Again … nothing surprises me any more

What an absolutely great day when you can dodge two bullets that could have easily taken you out and you can put your head to a pillow at night and say I helped another person along the road of life today. I felt good. I feel alive. As far as the two near death experiences today I think it’s a good reminder that we live our lives to the fullest when we remind ourselves of the fact that we are all dying. Out here on the open road I feel like I am experiencing life to the fullest. I’m going to breath just a little deeper tomorrow realizing that fact.

Resting tonight just south of Yakima, Washington

Wednesday - Aug 1’ 2012

It's always the best when you can roll out of some place you have never been before to ride great roads and scenery to a place where you have never been before :-) I love riding out in the mornings not knowing where I'll be when the evening sun sets. All I know is that right now blue skies, a river, pine trees and a light breeze stroke my senses on my first stop out of Yakima, Washington heading north on highway 410.
I was spending another day in the Mt. Rainer area and going up 410 would take me through Chinook Pass. It is a good road and it was a beautiful climb. Some shots on the way up ...
Can you smell the Pine Trees … I can :-)
Chinook Pass in the background approaching on Highway 410 North

... and just as you hit the top and start down the other side you are hit with this
As I hit highway 123 again I went north as yesterday I had cover south and east. I had my sights set on Sunrise Point. It was off highway 410 in Mt. Rainer Park and looked to be a good spot, high up, for lunch. As I entered the road to go up once again it was a very slow go as the roads are not in shape for speed. Rocks are another big concern and there are some on the road although I did manage to stop and kick a couple of bigs ones off to the side myself. Hitting one of those would not be fun.

It's only 15 miles up to Sunrise point but about 5 miles in I see sign for White River Campgrounds. Cool ... let me check this out. Looked very good and it was next to the White River and several hiking trails. I cruise the loops and it's early so i get a pretty good site. $ 12 bucks .... I'm in. Funny how just 10 minutes earlier I didn't have a clue where I was going to camp this night and then boom ... there it was ... decision made. The best things you find on the open road are the things you never knew were there. Here’s a pic of the White River that I camped next to.
Tent set up, lunch consumed, fees paid, tag set ... time to head on up the road to Sunrise Lodge/Point and continue my exploration around the area secure in the knowledge I had a place all ready to go for tonight. Made the afternoon riding all the more enjoyable.

The ride up to Sunrise Lodge/Point proved to be spectacular ... one of my favorite spot on Mt. Rainer so far. Check out the views ....
So pristine ...
Wild Flowers on the hills next to Sunrise Lodge - Elevation 6,400 feet

On the way back down from Sunrise Lodge and approaching Sunrise Point parking area I was once again surprised by a deer's behavior. Today's deer was simply taking a stroll through the parking lot. I caught a glimpse of the deer as I approached and I quickly killed the engine, rolled to a stop and grabbed the camera as it walked right into the road in front of me and then along the rock wall finally jumping over it and back to his world. I got 4 shots total. Here are the last two before he bolted away … very cool ...
Just prior to the leap over the Rock Wall back into his world.

He was just walking along calmly not a care in the world. Now that's my kind of deer!

Pulling back into the camp grounds around 6 pm was the equivalent to coming home at the end of days ride. As I sit here now and type this I can look around and see the camp fires burning in just about every one's camp site pit as the darkness settles in. The rumble of the White River plays in the back ground and voices lightly dance through the tall pines as everyone prepares for sweet sleep.

Tomorrow I hook up with Jim & Candi and We'll carve up some more roads together up this way. Then I'm off to the South to cruise the Columbia River Gorge along the Washington/Oregon border as I make my way south.

Resting tonight in Mt. Rainer Park White River Campground

Thursday - Aug 2’ 2012

Today starts off early right away with a call for another good deed to be done. This time it’s for a Mr. Thomas E. Larsen who has lost his wallet by placing it in the window sill of the men’s bathroom at the camp site and walking off without it. Lucky for Mr. Larsen I found it. However, after an exhaustive search of the camp site to find him I couldn’t so I had to leave it at the Ranger Station. The office there assured me he would make sure it gets back to Mr. Larsen. I think we all know what it’s like to lose a wallet so hopefully he’ll be happy to see it returned.

With that deed done I was headed north on highway 410 toward Enumclaw to hook up with Jim and Candi again as they headed south now having finished riding in Canada and visiting friends. We meet around lunch time in Enumclaw and after chatting some we were headed south on 410 back to Mt. Rainer and Sunrise Lodge/Point again. Jim and Candi had not see Mt. Rainer before so I got to do this ride again with them. Unfortunately, they had a deadline time to be in Portland tonight so there wasn’t much time left for anything else together so they continue on 12 back to I5 into Portland as I headed south on National Forest Road 25 in order to pass by Mt. St. Helens.

Highway 25 was pretty and is heavily covered with trees lining the road so close it was like driving through a tunnel because it almost totally blocked out the sun in some places. The road was very rough overall with many slides dropping the road several inches in some sections. It was almost like taking the Wing through a Motorcross course with all the bumps and obstacles. Where’s my little Suzuki V-Strom 650 Wee when I need it?

Eventually I got a clean shot of Mt. St. Helens but I decided not to ride the road up to it on the east side by Sprit Lake as it was just to late in the day. Instead I hurried on down 25 hoping to get to a motel tonight somewhere near the freeway.

Well, inevitably when you do get in a hurry and you’re tired and hungry there is always something to slow you down. I have been seeing this sign below way too much on this road trip and finally today it would prove accurate
My least favorite sign :-( Don’t just be careful … Use EXTREME caution … got it.

The bad news was it wasn’t just your typical road construction no this was a total repaving of the road both ways and before I knew it I was in a sticky mess without any warning the road was covered with fresh tar. The other motorist were equally upset. Then to top things off 1/2 mile into this goo there’s a flag man that wants you to stop because the road is down to one lane coming up and we had to wait our turn to proceed. Great … now I have to put my feet down … I was pissed … my tires and now both my feet were stuck on the wet tar pavement waiting for him to signal our turn to face what ever else is up ahead ….. NO THANK YOU!

What and absolute mess this was.

I quickly scanned my iPhone map for an alternate route because I was having no more of this. After confirming there was a way to short cut over to I5 via another route I was faced with the unwelcome task of how to turn the 800 pound bike around in this mess and get back out of here without falling into this goo myself. The stuff was getting on everything … floorboards, shifter and rear brake lever.

I simply took my time and rolled forward and then back several times until eventually I could roll safely in the other direction. I’m sure everyone watching me was just waiting for me to lose it but I didn’t and once turned around I was able to get on the alternate route that fortunately wasn’t under construction … least not this bad.

Now every time I shift or brake I can feel the tar stick between my shoe and floorboards. I just had to ignore it for now but would have to try and clean it all off tomorrow. Wonderful … Next to the darn deers this is the motorcyclist other greatest fear. Fresh tar and gravel on the road.

Finally I made it back to civilization and in the process crossed my namesake … the Lewis River.
The Lewis River

Eventually I did escape out to I5 and could begin to look for a motel which I did find.

I’m resting tonight in Salmon Creek, Washington

Friday - Aug 3’ 2012

Today started with a trek down the Columbia River Gorge on the Lewis and Clark Trail - highway 14. I have been to this area a couple of times on previous road trips but today would be the first time I would have a chance to ride it on the Washington side highway 14. The Oregon side is interstate 84 and while both turned out to be great rides after todays ride I think I prefer the Washington side. There was a good amount of traffic on 14 but glancing across the river at 84 there was more over there plus it was easier to roll to a stop and snap a pic and keep going on this side.
Columbia River Gorge from Highway 14 on the Washington State side.
Some section had been repaved and were in good shape … some were not but overall a good ride up to the toll bridge that takes you across to Hood River. This was a grated Draw Bridge and as every motorcyclist knows those are doable but not much fun to ride on or over.
Now the only thing better than riding over a grated bridge on a motorcycle is to throw in a little road construction and then take it down to one lane with a flag man that stops traffic so that you have to actually stop on the grated bridge and wait … wonderful and exciting. Wobble, wobble wobble to a stop. Don’t look down if you’re scared of heights or you’ll get the feeling you’re going to fall into the river that you can actually see below your tires.

I eventually made it safely across and proceeded down highway 35 to 26 toward La Pine, Oregon. However, I made a slight detour out of Hood River in hopes of finding a road that ran a little closer up along Mt. Hood. I thought this would be highway 281 out of Hood River but after preceding quite a ways down it and seeing it deteriorate I confirmed with another cyclist that it was not paved all the way over to 26 so I had to back track and get back on highway 35 to make that happen.

Here’s a couple of pics of Mt. Hood I took from highway 35 as it ran down to highway 26
This was a road to a ski lodge … I was trying to see if it would get me closer to the mountain
Mt. Hood

I finally made it into La Pine Oregon where my nephew lives around 5:30 p.m. and will be visiting family in this area until probably Sunday when I will pick back up the journal and start winding my way south into Northern California.

This marks the 2 week point in my journey so far on this road trip and I’ve covered about 4,500 miles. At this rate I’m going to blow my old Road Trip record of 7,153 miles in 24 days out of the water. That was done on my little Suzuki V-Strom 650 Wee last summer out west. No doubt in my mind the Wing would like to reclaim the record :-)

Resting in La Pine, Oregon.

Sunday - Aug 5’ 2012

Had a great visit with both my nephew and niece’s families that live in La Pine and Crescent, Oregon respectively. They both know I don’t stay anywhere long but they sure make me feel so welcomed when I roll into town for my short visits each year. Can’t beat family for taking that lonely feeling away that creeps in to your soul sometimes when you’re on the road alone. Fully nourished in body and soul I was ready to experience the next days adventure and see what laid in store for me around the next turn.

As I rolled south out of Crescent, Oregon on highway 97 there was no doubt in my mind that Crater Lake National Park would surely be my next stop. I have been there at least a couple of times before on previous road trips and it is so beautiful and awe inspiring it just draws you back in. It was shaping up to be another beautiful day with some clouds around to make it interesting. Here’s a shot on the road leading up toward Crater Lake …
The first time you see crater lake it definitely makes you pause. If the sun is out fully the water is so blue it almost doesn’t seem real. You would think with a name like Crater Lake that this lake would have been formed by some type of meteor that impacted the earth years ago. You would be wrong. Apparently it was formed by volcanic activity that blew the top off a mountain and left a giant basin that filled with water from rain and snow over thousands of years.
Crater Lake Oregon … The deepest (1,943 feet) lake in the United States and 9th deepest lake in the world.

My niece Vy who lives in Crescent, Oregon actually works here. She drives one of the trolley that takes tourist around the rim of crater lake. She was off during my visit but mentioned a gentleman named Terry that she works with and told me that if I went up there to stop by the Trolley area at Rim Village and say hi.

Being a Sunday and in the middle of summer Rim Village on Crater Lake was a bustle of activity with lots of visitors. However, that didn’t stop me I rolled up to the Trolley area and asked for Terry and he was right there working on one of the trollies. I introduced myself as Vy’s uncle and we hit it off right away. He said he was glad to meet me and was happy that there was at least one person in Vy’s family that was normal. Of course he was joking. I handed him my riding card that has my web page and email and told him that if he checked out my web site and read some of my road trip stories he might change his mind about me being “Normal” LOL. We had a good laugh and then we parted ways and I headed back down and out of the Crater Lake area and back on to highway 97 south.

While taking my short break from the road while I was visiting family over the last day or so I had heard from my best friend Russ who lives in Tracy, California. Russ and I go way back as friends and have spent a lot of time growing up and riding motorcycles together back when we were both at a much more tender age. Now that we are a little more mature in age :-) we try to take a ride together each year for at least a few days together somewhere. That didn’t look likely to happen this year as about a month before I started this road trip Russ had a boo-boo and hurt his leg pretty good and we weren’t sure if he was going to be able to ride. Russ has a Triumph Bonneville.

As it turned out his leg was feeling pretty good and he decided he was going to give it a go after all. He took off today from his home in Tracy, California and rode up to Red Bluff, California to meet me. We both hooked up today in Red Bluff and plan to ride together tomorrow highway 36 all the way to the coast in the morning … returning on highway 299 back to the east. I’ve heard a lot about this highway 36 and now I was going to experience it with my best friend riding it together. How cool is that.

We are both resting tonight in Red Bluff, California eager to get out on the open road tomorrow together.

I’ll end with a beautiful shot of Mount Shasta as I passed it today heading south in to Red Bluff.
Love the way the sun catches the very top of the snow at the peak … takes your breath away.

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