Thursday October 7’ 2010 - Day 18

Aaaaaahhh ... timing is everything. We were on the road little earlier than usual today and after breakfast decision was made to head North back to the Asheville area and the Blue Ridge Parkway. It didn’t look like there were any motorcycle road worthy highways continuing to head East along South Carolina’s Northern border and with the weather finally clearing North of us it made sense ... that is until about 10:22 a.m. Russ ... you will get a kick out of this story.

It was at 10:22 a.m. this morning after just entering the lovely state of North Carolina on Highway 221 when one of North Carolina’s finest State Troopers, JR Henson, pulled us over. We were zipping along (no I was not speeding) on a two lane road just after a lengthy construction zone had finished and I had made the fatal error of passing a slow moving truck against the dreaded double yellow line. There is nothing a motorcyclists hates more than to be stuck behind a slow moving vehicle on a great road with no legit way to pass. I hate this scenario probably much more than most as I’m a very impatient man .... Retired or not.

He’s a big no nonsense type guy and asks only for my drivers license which I promptly present. He heads back to his car leaving us to twitch in wind and wondering if a ticket was coming forthwith. I was encourage by the fact that he had not asked me for my proof of insurance and vehicle registration. Silly me ... I was to find out later they don’t need no stink-in registration or proof of insurance to write you a ticket. He was fast tracking me and was back with my ticket licked split. I glanced it over and was amazed the fine was only $50 bucks yet the courts cost were $141.00. How can this be? .... Like most people I’m not going to court but instead will mail in my remittance .... Shouldn't I get a discount on the court cost for not tying up the courts? I have never understood that.

Well .... he didn’t care one way or the other and fortunately I was thinking all this in my head and not talking or complaining about it to him. Then ... just like that he was gone. Whole thing couldn’t have taken much more that 5 minutes from start to finish. In hindsight, I guess there wasn’t much room for discussion as there is when you get a speeding ticket you can haggle over the exact speeds. With this type of violation it’s pretty cut and dry. How could my timing be so bad that I picked the precise moment to pass that slow moving truck that coincides with the exact location where he had to be parked along that road with view of the incident.

Usually the worst part of getting a ticket is the yelling you get from your significant other after it’s over. Yong was amazingly forgiving on this one. I think it’s because she wanted me to pass that truck as well. Ha ... if that’s true it would have been perfect if she had tapped me on the shoulder just prior to my deciding to pass that truck and said “Go ahead and pass this guy”

... Now that would have been GREAT TIMING :-)

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