Why I ride? ... Inquiring minds want to know.

Great question and one that gets asked of me often and is something every motorcyclists has to answer for themselves at some point.

For me the answer unfortunately, or fortunately, is very complicated. Kind of like Ogres. As Shrek once famously said .... “Ogres are complicated and have many layers”

This is true of motorcyclists too I believe (particular this one) and it’s here on this page that I will try and peel back some of those layers from my own insights and perspective that might explain why I have that burning desire to ride ...


The reasons that people give as to why they ride a motorcycle are as varied as the number of roads there are to ride them on. There are no simple answers to that question and in fact for each motorcyclist it can be a very personal and profoundly deep reason that only resonates within their souls. For those that don't ride I'm sure other passions fuel their souls as strongly but for my passion ... it thrives on "Riding". For me the passion to ride runs deep and has been there since I first rolled on two wheels years and years ago. I ride ... therefore I am (Apologies to Rene Descartes).

I was told by friends and read in books that when I retired I would have to reinvent myself. I guess that is for those that define there existence through what they do for a living all those years. That was never me. Instead riding a motorcycle reinvents me every time I let it stroke my ego while cruising down the open road twisting the throttle. I was literally born to ride. How else can I explain the child like wonderment that each twisted turn feeds my twisted addicted mind as I traverse life's journey on two wheels.

Many ride alone and others ride with others but for me I feel the essence of motorcycle riding comes from the absolute pleasure of the solitude it can provide. Don't get me wrong ... I love people and love meeting them and being around them but I think some times I like people the most when they aren't around. Riding a motorcycle not only inherently provides that solitude but can also transport you to places of greater solitude and beauty in a way that makes you feel like your blood is boiling in your veins. Never am I not wide eyed as I sit upon my steel steed challenging life at every turn keenly aware of death's call if not for a quick mind focused on the task at hand ... staying alive.

Maybe it's the adrenaline rush or just the sheer excitement of riding is what continues to bring us back time and time again like a junkie. I have often said I never feel more alive in this world than when I'm riding my motorcycle and that feeling alone continues to bring me back for more and yet more. My life is in motion while rolling along through it. In my opinion, aside from time spent with God, Family, Friends and helping others there is no better way to mark the passage of time in this world than to ride through it and when that time comes to an end we can only hope that whatever is next … involves two wheels :-)

As someone once said "The secret to life is enjoying the passage of time". Those of us that ride motorcycles are way ahead of you.


- I ride because .... It makes me feel ALIVE!

Sure ... I feel alive every morning when I’m blessed to open my eyes to a new day and go through the daily routines that comprise our existence but this “Alive” is different. It’s not the I’m living and breathing thing but rather it’s the I’m engaged and in the game of life exploring and moving through it in real-time thing. Every notice how you don’t notice you are breathing when in fact you are? We never think about breathing we just do it automatically ... but it’s a wonderfully beautiful thing. Same with life ... it a wonderfully beautiful thing and it’s easy to go through it “automatically” without thinking about it. I choose not to go through it that way ... or at least I choose to escape to a place where I can feel myself taking each breath as it’s happening living each moment for its own sake... and that my friend is on two wheels. Nothing screams “I’m Alive” like rolling down the road on two wheels. It allows me the freedom to make things happen rather than wait for them to happen to me. The excitement of the open road mixed with the beauty I find in the people and places I journey through fill my soul in such a way that there is no doubt I’m alive ... and life is good.

- I ride because ... the journey is more important than the destination.

How many times have you gotten in your car and driven 150 miles to eat a hamburger and then drive the 150 miles back to your home? Never ... am I right? But ask that same question of a motorcyclist and chances are they do something like that every chance they get. Why is that? ... Well it’s because it’s the journey there and back on the bike that makes it all worthwhile and not the burger place at all. I find countless excuses to ride everyday and most destination are only veil disguises of journeys I want to take on the bike. I want that time On The Road regardless of where that final destination is and the further away it is all the more desirable because it means that much more time will be enjoyed just getting there on the bike. We are too busy in our lives today going here and there but never truly enjoying the journey. Life on the Wing ensures you enjoy the journey everywhere it takes you. If I’m on a Road Trip or journey on the bike I have truly already arrived at my destination.

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